Update August 30th, 2006

PICCOLOR Newsletter Fall 2006

Again a lot of time has passed since the last picCOLOR newsletter. A lot has been done on the hardware side: faster dual core processors by AMD have been presented, and their price has dropped dramatically since Intel has announced and delivered their new processors based on the Core 2 architecture. The first PCI-Express (PCIe) frame grabbers have been announced and with a single processor dual core system with several fast PCIe slots it should be possible to build and set-up extremely powerful image analysis systems at a bargain.
Too bad, however, that frame grabber manufacturers still did not develop 64-bit drivers. Therefore, picCOLOR image analysis with a GUI is still bound to 32-bit WINDOWS. The non-GUI version, however, can be delivered for 64-bit Linux systems.
High Speed Stereo Tracking is now a standard application for the picCOLOR system. With the very inexpensive Miktrotron MC1310 cameras and a fast dual core processor system, quite a number of markers can be tracked at frequencies of 500Hz and more.
Some of the new functions implemented in the past year are:
- Many new functions in the picCOLOR main program
- New functionality in the 3D/Sequence extension module
- New functionality in the 3D Tracking extension module

New functions in picCOLOR basic program:

- New functions for 1D-Histogram peak determination and filtering
- Certain data can now be transferred to other application or computers via TCP/IP
- Tracking results can now be trasnferred to other application or computers via TCP/IP

3D/Sequence extension module:

- Uncompressed AVI files can now be saved on harddisk

2D/3D Real Time Object Tracking Extension Module:

- Temporarily hidden markers can now be tracked be reconstruction from nearest neighbors
- 3D input of markers instead of 2D input is possible
- This enables the tracking of markers that might become visible during a measurement
- Lot's of additional filters for better tracking results at low light or low contrast
- Lot's of additional tracking parameters
- Tracking results can now be transferred to other application or computers via TCP/IP

Available special modules:

- 3D/Sequence processing
- Interferometry
- Stereometric measurement and display
- Particle Image Velocimetry / Particle tracking (PIV/PTV), also as Library or DLL
- 2D/3D-Position-Tracking in Real Time
- Fringe Correlation Method (for surface deflection measurement)
- True Color Extensions
- 1D/2D Bar Code Reader
- OCR/OCV Character recognition and rotation
- Real Time Processing
- User-Programming in "C"

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