Last update august 25th, 1999

PICCOLOR Newsletter August 1999

New functions in picCOLOR basic program:

- Polynom distortion function can now be used with quadratic polynoms
- Direct trapezoidal correction with known camera distance and angle
- GIF87a format image files can be input
- New possibilities of calibration:
- Rotation of coordinate systems to any angle
- Y-component up or down

New hardware adaptations:

- The ELSA Stereo glasses (LCD-shutter glasses) can be used.
This provides a very reasonable priced stereo vision solution
- The high speed JAI CM-V30 camera has been tested up to 360 Hz

Particle Tracking Velocimetry Module:

The PTV module was completely reorganized and optimized. All functions
can now be used automatically and even time sequences can be tracked.
The resulting scattered velocity field can be converted into a vector
field with evenly spaced vectors of determined grid spacing by two-
dimensional interpolation.

Available special modules:

- 3D/Sequence processing
- Interferometrics
- Stereometric measurement and display
- Particle Image Velocimetry / Objekt tracking (PIV/PTV)
- 3D-Position-Tracking in Real Time
- Fringe Correlation Method (for surface deflection measurement)
- Real Time Processing
- User-Programming in "C"

Planned or Beta version modules with limited functionality:

- Pattern Recognition
- Extended Gray Level (16 Bit)

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