Update February 20th, 2000

PICCOLOR Newsletter Spring 2000

New functions in picCOLOR basic program:

- Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) can be used for stdin/stdout streams
- New structuring elements implemented for morphology functions.

New hardware adaptations:

- Line Scan Cameras have been adapted to the picCOLOR V2.17 hardware.
Resolutions are up to 2048 pixel.
- A hardware trigger input was implemented for starting of different
processes like image sequence grabbing or 2D/3D object tracking

2D/3D Real Time Object Tracking Extension Module:

New functions and options have been implemented in the 2D/3D tracking
extension module. The tracking speed has been improved and with the
high speed JAI CV-M30 camera the following tracking frequencies can be

2D-Tracking at 40Hz with 120Hz camera speed
2D-Tracking at 60Hz with 180Hz camera speed
3D-Tracking at 24Hz with 120Hz camera speed split screen mode
3D-Tracking at 30Hz with 180Hz camera speed split screen mode
All measurements are performed with small markers of approx 4..5 pixel
diameter, 2 markers in each image, writing results to file, and using
the picCOLOR V2.17 hardware.
At 240Hz and 360Hz camera speed even higher tracking frequencies can
be obtained.

Triangulation for 3D Surface Detection:

New functions have been implemented to realize a 3D surface measurement
using triangulation of laser light sheet optics. A laser light sheet is
produced by using a laser beam and a cylindrical lens. This light sheet
can be used to illuminate secions of an object. Images of these sections
acquired by a camera looking at an distinct angle relative to the light
sheet can be rectified and used for 3D surface or volume determination.

Available special modules:

- 3D/Sequence processing
- Interferometrics
- Stereometric measurement and display
- Particle Image Velocimetry / Objekt tracking (PIV/PTV)
- 2D/3D-Position-Tracking in Real Time
- Fringe Correlation Method (for surface deflection measurement)
- Real Time Processing
- User-Programming in "C"

Planned or Beta version modules with limited functionality:

- Pattern Recognition
- Extended Gray Level (16 Bit)

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