List of the functions (selection only):

- Frame grabber control:
Sequence grabbing, image integration or averaging, gray level or 24 Bit color, control of pixel geometry
- Load/store functions:
read/write TIFF, JPEG, BMP, RAW (for CT or MR images), write EPS, write PPM, read GIF. Read/Write measurement data. Read/write system configuration and ROI.
- Look-Up-Table Functions:
Save/load table, program single colors, select predefined tables.
- Image preprocessing:
geometrical corrections, local cosine distortions, zoom, rotate (arbitrary angle: linear or cubic spline interpolation), mirror, camera lens correction, histogram correction, equalizing, arithmetic calculations and combinations, logical combinations, convolutions with different kernel, average, gauss (up to 15x15), sobel, laplace, canny edge, zero crossing, relaxation, median and rank filters, background correction. IIR-filters 1st and 2nd order (Bessel, Butterworth, Tschebyscheff), video filters: odd/even, NTSC/PAL filter, Gauss/Laplace pyramid,
- Frequency domain processing:
FFT/IFFT, hamming window, different spectra, low/high/band pass filter, gauss band filter, gabor filter, diff. of gaussian, inverse filter, manual spot filter, arithmetic operations, correlation, Hartley transform.
- True color functions:
Conversions to different color space (like HSI, RGB, HLS, YUV, YIQ...), rotate HUE, subtract cyclic HUE, define hue-noise before conversion, Bayer transformations
- Morphological functions:
Rank filter, erosion, dilatation, open, close, outline, skeleton, pruning, distance, euclidian distance, watershed, labeling, remove small clusters.
- Texture detection:
Max-min, variance, standard deviation, local orientation, coocurrence, frequency texture analysis using fast DCT.
- Binarization:
thresholding, histogram and entropy binarization, absolute area bin, relative percentage, bimodal histogram binarization, search min functions, local dynamic adaptive binarization, based on entropy, bimodality, statistics, edge based, or optimized
- 3D-Functions:
Display of 3D-images, arithmetics, convolutions, morphology, binarization, 3d-FFT, 3d-Hartley, spectrum, frequency filters, 3d-frequency arithmetic, correlation, optical transfer function, 3d-visualization, 3d-surface plot
- Geometric measurement:
Point, line, subpixel lines, angle, circles, area, subpixel area, object, different classification parameter, training of classification, histogram of object classification, metrical scale factors (x/y), rotated coordinate system, interpolation of sparse data sets.
- Statistical functions:
Point, line, area-statistics, histogram in 1 to 4 dimensions, object classification, euclidian minimal distance classification, parallel epiped classification, classification training, regression analysis.
- 2D/3D Vectorization:
Interactive input of 2D or 3D vector fields and 2D/3D animation display. Stereometric vectorization and display, calculation of 3d-vector fields of stereometric data
- Pattern Recognition:
Cross Correlation (polynom or gauss fitting), Regression
- Hough Edge Detection:
Advanced Hough functionality for lines, circles, and ellipses
- Graphics functions:
Graphical tools, more than 100 different text styles, retouch tools, stamp tools. Test images, Gaussian noise.
- Additional special extension modules:
PIV/PTV, 2D/3D Real Time Tracking, Interferometry, Fringe Correlation Method, Bar Code, OCR/OCV, special True Color functions.
New functions are being implemented depending on our own projects or on suggestions of other users.

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