last update: July 2003


Environmental Control

Environmental measurement and control has superior importance for protecting, preserving, and restoring our endangered environment. Special measuring techniques used at F.I.B.U.S. are based on remote controlled vehicles like helicopters and airplanes to obtain photographic images and measurement data. Using digital image analysis techniques these photographs or image sequences in visible or infrared light can be converted to acquire data of protected areas or water contaminations. Stereometric reconstruction techniques help to obtain data of geological formation and ground elevation.

Automatic Root Length Determination

for obtaining information on plant condition. Length of main stump: 3 cm; Length of all branches: 76 cm. The relation of stump length and overall root length is a good measure for plant health. Several MACRO-programs have been developed to determine the overal root length and the statistics of the root thickness. The MACRO programs and some descriptions are available on request.

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