Update 11/03/2006

The FIBUS Gallery:      scientific-X-plosion

Scientific Explosion is an invitation to explore the wonderful world of vortices and turbulence at helicopter rotors. Besides of the scientific information contained in the images you'll be able to get a closer look at the beauty of those flow visualization photographs, some of them colored by different image processing techniques. By clicking on any image, enlargements of the images are presented, showing more details and an image description.
At your option, you may directly go from one enlargement to the next, or return to this gallery at any time.

A Brief Explanation of the Titanium Smoke Visualization Technique
And a Survey on the Process How to Convert the Images to Pieces of Art...

Selection of pictures of the latest exhibition in Hamburg (28. Oct. 2006)




bird of veil

vulcano 2

vulcano 1


round about




Dust: stills from a video installation by Renate Georgi and Dr. Reinert H. G. Mueller

dust sample 1

dust sample 2

dust sample 3

Pictures of the Duesseldorf exhibition (Nov. 1999)

Line Phantasy

Turbulence "Flow"-ers: Winter

Turbulence 'Flow'-ers I

Helicopter Rotor Tip Vortex I

Color Coded Vortex I

Vortex Character I

Vortex Character II

Blue Wind Grass

Increasing Chaos I

Bird of Veil

Wave Shot


Blue Tornado

Breaking Wave I

Color Coded Vortex III

Symphony in Smoke





Roman Centurio

Erupting Volcano I

Blue Flame

Turbulence "Flow"-ers II

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