Last update: April 12th, 2001

Total Lunar Eclipse in Germany, January 9th, 2001

Well, this time the lunar eclipse was a big blur with lot's of clouds and foggy air, at least at the observation point of the FIBUS team, this time in southern Duesseldorf on the banks of the Rhein river. The next day we heard from friends that in all other parts of the area the eclipse had been observable pretty well. This is too bad from a scientific point of view, but anyway we have had a lot of fun and the lunar dinner afterwards was superb!

This time, the total lunar eclipse happened to take place at a very convenient time schedule at around 8 o'clock Duesseldorf time. Nobody was forced to stay awake all night. Therefore the complete FIBUS observation team was available and eager to watch the spectacular event.

The camera equipment of the FIBUS institute had been improved somewhat by acquiring a 310mm lens. An adapted 2x converter yielded some reasonable good 620mm lens. Using a 400ASA film the shutter times could be as low as a fraction of a second. Still all images are blurred by tri-pod vibrations and mainly by the diffuse light radiation of the slightly covered sky.

Moon images during partial coverage by the earth shadow. The times at which the images were taken are (from left to right): 08:03, 08:19, 08:31, 08:43, all Duesseldorf time

The FIBUS team at work...

The FIBUS team at dinner, triggering the camera altogether...

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