Solar Eclipse in Germany, August 11th, 1999

The FIBUS team

And now: The FIBUS team at work...

A team of researchers was sent by FIBUS to observe the solar eclipse over Germany on August 11th, 1999. The team travelled to Merzig, approximately 50 km south of Trier. Weather conditions were extremely bad with 100% coverage until 11 o'clock. Fortunately then finally a few spots of blue sky opened up and the eclipse could be observed at a cloud coverage of 70% to 90%. Exactly during the short time of total eclipse a thin layer of clouds covered moon and sun. Therefore all corona images are very faint and blurred. Total eclipse time in that region was 1:50 minutes. Time of total eclipse was 12:29 noon. For the image shown below several images have been patched up to produce a time series of images. First image is in the lower left hand corner, time proceeds to the upper right.

Sun images over two hours time period.

The following camera equipment was used: Olympus OM-2n with 500mm lens and special AstroSolar (TM) filter foil of optical density 5, except during totality. Film material was 100 ASA slide film.

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